The Passion of Real Fans
Euro 2016 is coming and football fans would do anything to get their hands on a ticket.
Epic Motorsport Crash Compilation
Insane crash compilation of rally drivers taking various bends and getting beaten by them.
Redneck Life-Hacks
Take a leaf from these following examples of what can be achieved by 'making-do'.
Behind The Future 2
A collection of behind the scenes shots from the filming of Back To The Future 2.
Surfer Picks Up Epic Wave
This surfer picks up a seemingly never-ending , perfect wave—and it cannot get more totally tubular dude.
100 Days of Dance
With a GoPro camera set up on his cabinet this guy recorded himself doing the same dance routine every day.
Dogs Failing at Playing Fetch
Somewhere along their way the forgot how to be dogs
Hilarious Fall Lvl: Penguin
A penguin falling is funny, but when the rest laugh at it, that’s funnier.
Could We Live On Mars?
If we did ever get a manned mission to on Mars, could we actually live there?
SSD Cards That Turn Into Robots
Samsung's new SSD is able to turn into a robot and fly around the world being awesome and charm the ladies
Biggest Zit In The World
Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do - Whoever the girl is who's squeezing, she deserves a prize.
Star Wars Described by a Non Fan
Whether you're a fan of Star Wars or you hate it, you'll be crying tears of laughter at this amazing description.
Didn't Expect That
If you have a couple of friends acting like dicks and are wanting to fight each other, this is the only way, to resolve it.
Censored Beach Volleyball
So what happens if you remove the sportswear by placing black rectangles across it?
Russian Girl Dandelion Prank
And it's a good one, worth remembering to try at home.
Girl Bites It And Gets Swept Away
When messing around with high-speed water jets, it's best to not try to walk through them
Woman Does Extreme Yoga Poses
This woman is incredibly flexible, so much that you'll shake your head in disbelief
What's In The Box!?
A huge pop-up artwork magically appears, so naturally people went to investigate—they weren't prepared for what happened next.
Man with Fear of Flying Flies for First Time
A guy's who's afraid of flying takes to the air for the first time with his friend who's a pilot—and his response is pretty amazing.
Dancing Bats
Just like every boy band, these bats are just egos jostling for attention as they shake their thang.
HotChick 35
35 Years Old from Shoemakersville PA
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